Without you I am lost - Dedication to Gek

Without you I am lost
You, I love the most
The way I treat you is my loss
I pray that you'll still be my rose.

Never I realize how much you meant
Until the day out you went
My life a miserable rant
Now, all your wishes I will grant

I am just a man
Mistakes I hope to amend
To you I will attend
Please say you understand

My mean words hurt you
Not just one or two
Our relationship suffers too
It is not enough just to say I love you

Long termed partnership
Requires none to abandon ship
More than a bond of friendship
Not without the hardship

To my wife I have wronged thee
O Allah, I pray change me
To be a better husband than this
In return for my wife’s lovely kiss

Rasulullah set the benchmark**
O Allah, how I was off from the start!
I pray to take back
All my hurting words – the way I barked!

To my wife, my better halve
Please forgive the way I behave
I know life is tough
As I don’t wish to add more roughs

**The Prophet sayings - He is the most perfect Muslim whose disposition is best; and the best of you are they who behave best to their wives.

The Prophet sayings - Admonish your wives with kindness

The Prophet sayings - Women are the twin halves of men
Penned by Qalamuddin

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