the Mystery of Being Humans...

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The MYSTERY of Being Humans…

Humans are like SPIES.
They search for the SUN and get the STAR

They look at the MOON but on EARTH.
They yearn for HEAVEN out of thin AIR

If not for GOD, they become DUST
At the end, the only that matter is not MATTER

But our invisible SOUL
So be a true Being Humans, as we are from SAND

Humans are like SPIES (our makeup of the Spiritual, Physical, Intelligent, Emotion – Social and all must Synchronize)

They search for the SUN (the truth - Speak Untruth Not) and get the STAR (See, Think, Act – Rationally & Responsibly)

They look at the MOON (Monuments, Objects, Ornaments, Name) but on EARTH (using the premise based on Emotion, Anger, Rage, Tyranny, Hysteria)

They yearn for HEAVEN (Happiness, Empathy, Admiration, Valour, Enjoyment, Nobility) out of thin AIR (Apathy, Inaction, Rebellious)

If not for GOD (Goodness, Orderliness, Deeds), they become DUST (Delusion, Unproductive, Stagnant, Tricked)

At the end, the only that matter is not MATTER (Materials, Adoration, Things, Trend, Ego, Relatives)

But our invisible SOUL (Services, Obligation, Undeterred, Longing for Allah)

So be a true Human Being, as we all from SAND (that is to Serve ALLAH Night & Day)

Firdaus@qalamuddin & Family
p.s Thank you to my children for giving the additional information. May Allah bless you all.
11th September 2021
3 Safar 1443H

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