Who cares?

My hijab is what makes me feel right.
My hijab brings my hopes up.
My hijab makes me realize.
That who cares what people say.

Words can't harm you
Words won't break you
Words make you a stronger person.

Let them say all they want
I'm not even gonna bother asking why...
My hijab is me.

I can't let myself lose to a bunch of non-muslims
I have to remember...
That who cares
I'm here and wearing a hijab with proudness
I'm here and wearing my hijab with no effectness upon my decision

I can't bare enough to hear them say one more word
I can't let myself to them
I am a muslimeen
I have to stick to my duties
I am a person who doesn't really care,
I only care for the acceptness of Allah and my hijab.