The way you make feel

How do explain this feeling that stirs deep down inside of me
The way you make feel,can not be explained with words alone
The emotions you make me feel,I have never experience before
You're the light that brings happiness into my life
You came into my life,when I was in darkness
Gave up all hope on searching for Mr.Right
Until the moment Allah Swt placed you in my life, at last my search came to an end
You're truly everything I wanted, and so much more
You're exactly what I supplicate for
I always imagined that,I could find my halal prince charming in the hereafter
Ever since you stepped into my life,it was now possible for me to have my halal prince charming in this world
What you and I have is near perfect, at time times it makes me feel as if I'm dreaming
My dua has finally been answered,All praise is due Allah swt
I can't wait for the day when you and I become garments for one another
Walk side by side,and be seen as man and wife....