I shadow you like no other
I'm behind you and your sister and brother
I'm there when there is no light
At anytime of the night
I'm there cause imma get you
Trust me you won't breath after I'm through
I don't care about your life or how money you make
I don't care if your family need I do it for Allahs sake
And when I get you, you'll wish you never met me
You'll wish you worked harder before you met me
When I get you'll be tested
To see if your life was worth it or wasted
You can look left or right
I won't be in sight
I could even come tonight
But if I do know it to be the end of your life
Cause I'm death and here's my advice
Pray before you're prayed on
Pray before I strike

By Saffa Ahmed Aw-hussein

very nice

Salamz sis/bro
Beautiful poem, I have to say, and very intelligent.
It's good to remind people every once in a while about death.

{Say: “Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are [all] for Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds.”}* (Al-An`m 6:162)


assalaamu calykum
this is the real message of death and how it can come anytime. we need to do all we can to save ourselves from hellfire and we need to gain the mercy of Allah (SWT)
assalaamu calykum and jazaakallahu khayr

MASHAALLAH truth of death in

truth of death
in simple and beautiful words
very good work.