Unnatural smiles
played by emotions,
the look that fools
all the generations,
many are confuse
deceived to be
deceiver and enemy
The art of war
in a modern army.

I imagine that ruled by weak
I imagine that controlled by overlords,
leading innovation to fools
leading us to imitate others,
otherwise discussing
the rights and wrongs,
they want to be able to finance
the criminal minds of wars.

They do harm, they fear and they hate,
they have materialistic lust,
the police got a shot gun
so they cut off welfare,
monstrosities of man
take a look in the mirror.

The queen's crooked troops
the troops without mercy,
war produces thieves
and peace hangs them.
“Warfare” BBC reports
BBC leading astray,
a psychological crime
the intention to betray.

Hollywood visions,
who tries to keep it true?
Take a long breath
regain some composure,
those who are faced with a choice,
beating out of control,
decadence and ignorance

Sky is the limit
to wage war with our God.
The silence cries,
whatever they react back they get,
systematised the tough realities
figure it out with Machiavelli
a ruling elite arise
Inspired by the Devil.

The disbeliever chase
and blameworthy love!
A version of events
and tirades of abuse.
The strength of the foundations
the modern world,
another from the ancient.