You do not understand me and dare not try.
I confuse you a bit but you don't know why.

I seem so happy..."How can that be?"
my image is shown as oppressed on t.v.

All you've been taught was so real to you;
I am proving different..."Now what to do?"

Do you keep believing in that image you "knew"
or try to understand this from my view?

I am sane, I have a mind and please don't call me weak.
I live and love, laugh and cry and am allowed to speak.

I think for myself, reason and rhyme and am far from being oppressed
But you're so quick to think that of me simply by how I'm dressed.

This is my choice, my own free will that's why I dress as you see;
so before you judge by what you "knew", come and talk to me.

You put your hands on the

You put your hands on the pain spot ...

very nice and TRUE words,

Thank you ,