Religion of Allah is the beautiful religion of Islam
intended for all,the rich in the mansion n the poor in slam

No service fees, we just have to believe
follow His command and His blessings we shall receive

He serves everyone,the rich n the poor as well
indeed He alone can save us from Hell

He gave us life n brought us to earth
providing us with rizq since the day of our birth

He sent us Muhammad(SAW), a man who struggled so hard
when his mission is indeed from the start

Muhammad(SAW),the truth was always his speech
praying for us n Allah's mercy is his beseech

Such a wonderful man we have never seen
He is our example as we grow n age in our deen

Following his sunnah everyday
so that we cannot get lost on our way

He(SAW),never sought fame
thats not the reason as to why he came

His mission 'to spread islam' so read
but how often do we take heed?

The enemies tryin to taint our religio with their maliscious call
for our beautiful deen how often do we stand tall?

They confuse us n change our thoughts like gear
negative things about our deen is all we hear

Swaying our iman in every possible way
they say 'democracy', yet they kill our innocent brothers everyday

With their camouflage they play hide n seek
they are powerful n so no one dares to speak

But dear muslims if our heart is attached to Thee
from their sins n confusion we shall be free

So lets pray, 'ohh Allah help us in our quest''
and permit us to pass your ultimate Test!!