In time I change...

As life goes by fast, I sit wondering
What are the things I have been doing?
In all sleeping, eating and resting
Not to forget all the emailing, selfies and postings

How many of these are counted as an act of devotion?
Which will help me in akhirah as my salvation?
My prayers – accounted not even a fraction
Oh poor soul of mine living life full of distractions

I need to retrace my steps
Not to fall for the same trap
To erase the wrong doing
Make things right in everything

How do I start?
I wish not to fall apart
Begin from the beginning!
What does that mean?

Oh Allah swt I am a lost soul
Repent I have been told
Please help me in this time of frustration
I want to be a Muslim of perfection

I hope I am not too late
To start a fresh on a new date
Surely time is the witness*
Of man’s folly and greatness

Oh Allah makes me a true servant
I ask for your seventh heaven
Even though I am not qualified
My supplication is the best that I tried

Oh Allah answer my prayer, please
Don’t forsaken me or even tease
In time I change …
My lost soul is drained

In my despair
Only you Allah can repair
My dark soul to spare
Make it shine make it rare

In time I change … I begin at this very moment
Oh Allah please forgives me – don’t left me in torment
I am just your humble servant
-who seek your highest heaven

Penned by Qalamuddin 16/03/2018

*“By Al-’Asr (the time). Verily, man is [deep] in loss, except for those who believe and do good deeds, urge one another to the truth and urge one another to patience.” (Quran 103)