Love is when your lust is fed.
When your dreams come true outside your head.
When the sun above you smiles and nods.
And you've found real peace against the odds.
Love is when your heart is tumbling,
when you feel the earth beneath you rumbling,
when you pray and light shines down upon you,
and you sparkle with hope to all around you.
Love is when you found a place,
where you filled with joy an empty space.
when your words are true and you speak with pride,
And you leave spies mouths open wide.
Love is what you breath and eat,
when you feel it tingle down to your feet.
When you look in ones eyes and you see your fate,
and know from now that life will be great.
Love is when the angels smile,
when you dream of mermaids in the Nile.
When anything you doubted is suddenly clear,
and peace of mind replaces your fear.
Love is what we dream upon,
when we're stuck and don't know how to move on.
When its your very hands that shake,
and you know the next move you should make.
Love is here in front of your eyes,
just look,you'll see I speak no lies.
Love's all around you ,inside and out,
cuz if God is there then love is about!