Slow motion smiles as I enter the room, a falseness I know too well.
Reluctant hand shakes and words of crapoligy no salesman can sell.
Heavy air with lies that float around.
Not ever given the chance to settle to the ground.
No wisdom to be heard from the mouths that utter constant senseless talk.
The lines are learned by heart by now, they slander but can't take that walk.
They speak of how thin one is and how fat the other.
How shy she sits and how she has no mother.
How that one can't cook, and that one can't clean.
How that one there, has the cheapest clothes they've ever seen.
They spend valuable time on matters not their own.
Holding on to the weak like a dog and his bone.
The hurt that they cause and the stares they display,
The hearts that the break with the words that they say.
The rumors and pain will spin on forever,
Just cuz they thought they were stronger and clever.
Not knowing that the one who has such qualities within,
are sentenced to a life alone and reflecting their sin.
Their words will fade as the years drag by,
but their deeds will shape them till they die.
They will feel the shame some day, Their smirking days will haunt their mind.
The ones who they talked so rudely of, to their suffering will be blind.
I only hope that people, can learn to take a stand,
when someone else is hurting, to just take them by the hand.
And when a soul is falling, The last thing that it needs.
Is some idiot person planting, rumors heartless seeds.
Every one has a low point, something to shake their pride.
So try a little respect next time, before you take 'talks' ride.