Over the years the American’s have created so many fictional heroes & villains;
From ‘Superman’, ‘Batman’, ‘Iron man’ to ‘Spiderman’
They even named one after a fruit known as ''Banana-man'
I had forgotten but reminded there's a 'He-man'
They got sidekick heroines ‘Catwoman’ & ‘Wonderwoman’
Pretty ones like ‘Supergirl’ to ‘Hawkgirl’
You’ll find there’s a ‘Ghostrider,’ ‘Wave Rider’,
Add that you get the ‘Silver Surfer’
They got the ‘Hulk’ an ugly looking thing
Then a useless ‘Green Lantern’ wearing Ring
A man who runs so fast he called the 'Flash'
Fry him up, he'll slow down and Crash!
What about the man with archery? Yeah he the 'Green Arrow'
Next one who comes up may be a 'Gunda Sparrow!'

Moving on there’s ‘Elektra’ to ‘Spectre’
‘Hawkeye’ to ‘Jean Grey’
‘Hiro Nakamura’ to ‘Zatanna’
Arnold Schwarzenegger play ‘Terminator’
While ‘Rambo’ by Sylvester...
Certainly can’t forget Heath Ledger
Father carved his face he became the ‘Joker’
All those people collecting your cash, all those Money Maker
They might as well try out that clown against ‘Lex Luthor’
Then there’s group heroes like ‘X-Men’ to ‘Watchmen’
Seriously, how many more ‘X, Y, Z’ Men?!'

So anyway go to the Mexicans, they have ‘Zorro’
The Japanese have ‘Naruto’
Come back to America you find metal men like ‘Magneto’
There’s even a guy called the ‘Daredevil’
Oh yeah he another one by that comic ‘Marvel’
You even find good guy play ‘Hell Boy’
All these action figures as kid’s Toy
T.V. programmes continue playin ‘Power Rangers’
With more villains & uncommon strangers!
Oh let’s not forget ‘The Fantastic Four’
Now a date set to release the Movie ‘Thor’

Right! Easy...Bruce Lee a 'Green Hornet' was he,
Hollywood couldnt pay his fee,
Left for China to start in golden harvest,
To show he the 'Kung Fu' hardest,
But had to die to leave, regardless!!

Now have you heard of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ doing the ‘Ninjitsu?!’
Man where do they get these idea?!
Surely Satan giving them this clue!
And now it’s no longer ‘Man’ Heroes…
…Its Cars into ‘Transforming’ Heroes! (i.e. The Transformers)!

Most of these present as computer games in
‘PS3’, ‘X BOX,’ ‘Nintendo Wii’ & what not
With effective blast in your ears by explosives, knives and gun shot
Your being robbed oh brother n sister!
So fast like I can only compare it to a stormy twister!

We Muslims are fortunate to have a real Hero…
Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alihi Wassallam)
Yeah he’s no ‘fictional man-made’ character!
He a ‘real man’ made by Allaah Ta’ala!

And if you don’t know already
Soon we all be faced with our enemy
Oh yes our prophet warned us about the one-eyed man
He the real ‘Villain’ not some outer space ‘Martian Man’

People know your History!
Before your minds become consumed with all those Fictional Fantasy!
Coz’ your kids growing up thinking why Santa Clause a ‘Mystery’
Wondering when they’ll next see the ‘Tooth Fairy’
Tell your child Cinderella don’t exist….yeah I read it & gave it a miss
She lost her glass shoe I’m sure…
She married no frog prince though
Those books such a cliché’ a fable full of bore!
I’m going to end it now…surely your all aware there’s more
And in future I won’t be surprised coz’ for us they got loads in store
Save yourself from this fantasy world…
Coz’ it’s full of NONSENSICAL FLAW!!!

By 'SparkaPoet' & 'Mosess Jaffa' 23/01/2011


I (SparkaPoet) was inspired to write this when I heard my brothers talking & laughing about some of these superheroes.

Thanks brother Mosess Jaffa who mentioned 'Banana-man' & 'He-man' and that whole paragraph about Bruce Lee was his own thought.

Some info for those who may not know

‘Green Lantern’ – only gets power when he wears a ring…otherwise he a useless character!
'Gunda' - in the Bengali language means 'gangster' or 'bad boy'
‘Hiro Nakumara’ – is from the T.V programme ‘Heroes’ plays a time traveller
'Naruto' is a Japanese cartoon animation (Those fans of it will know it)
‘Ninjitsu’ – a type of martial arts
‘Spectre’ – another hero in DC comics
‘Wave Rider’ – in DC comics also pays time traveller
‘Zorro’ – played by Antonia Banderas in the Movie ‘Mask of Zorro’
‘Zatanna’ in DC comics also appeared on the programme ‘Smallville: superman the early years’

All these fictional characters made by either the ‘DC’ comics, ‘Marvel’ by Stan Lee & some well known movie directors.

By the way no offence to Americans, Mexicans and Japanese, its the developers of these iconic characters I'm aiming at

Lastly, we have all been exposed to this fantasy world since our young age reading books about ‘Goldilocks and the three bears,’ ‘Lion King’, ‘Three little Pigs, ’ The ‘Big, Bad Wolf’…the list goes on. But this is how the world makes its money and all these probably go towards the Zionist…every penny being used as a bullet to kill your brother or sister out of a ‘heroic’ action movie. Not only this,these characters have now become biggest ‘idols’ in the world like Superman near enough to associating partners with Allaah! Astakfirullah, Nawzubillaah! May Allaah protect us. Ameen.


jazakallah sis for that realistic poem, its true the media are always trying to corrupt kids brains nowadays, i always hear my little brother going on about all these sad heroes and villians and what not and my lil sis cant stop banging on about cinderella and them lot so thanx for letting me know who could be behind this dirty scheme.

~Ameera-tul-Jannat--> Aspiring Princess of Paradise~
Journeying on...

JazakAllah khair

Thank you sis i appreciate it, I read some of your poems, MashaaAllaah I like your new poem peek-a-boo! :)


No probz,Jazakallah! :)
~Ameera-tul-Jannat--> Aspiring Princess of Paradise~
Journeying on...


JazakAllaah khair, Im a sister

keep it up

you forgot barney thoe an j i joe ..lol man you got humor bro but nice way to end it we need to realy leave all these things behind..goodjob bro may allah strengthin your iman an everybrother still left behind lets start marching towerd allah azahwajell