Stuck in the Path

Looking left and right..I don't know where to go
Should I follow my desires or should I worship Allah alone
I wanna fit in and be "cool" hangin out with my peers
But instead of them it is Allah, and ONLY Allah whom I should fear

Ohh, the feeling of this stress is haunting me
What am I gonna do when I'm in the grave and I will see
Munkir and Nakir..the two angels who will ask me
"Who is your Lord? What is your Deen?!" will I answer correctly?

I don't know and I will never know until that day
So I beg Allah everyday, terrified and say:
"Ya Allah! Guide me on the straight path
And don't make me of the losers who have You Wrath
Ya Rabb! Make me of those who are pious and a believer
Cause You are the Creator and You are my Sustainer

I need You cause I'm poor and in need of Your Mercy
So help me. Oh Allah! So you would be pleased and I would be happy
I beg You Oh Allah! Answer my prayers!
For indeed it is only YOU who can grant me paradise and make me of the winners.