She Is Palestine.

She cries, every tear tells me a story,

Her tears tell of no happiness no glory,

Her skin burns from where the tears have dried,

Her ears ring from the empty promises and lies,

She looks around and sees her nation,

She sees no harmony only room for reformation,

She smiles as if she has been set a task,

She sees the army with corruption for masks,

She is drunk with fatigue, She shows an ill complexion,

This is her life, this is her nation,

Her homeland has been corrupted by invasion,

The opposition say it is religion,

But in reality it is imperialism,

The opposition are drunk on power,

Patience Palestine blossom like a flower,

She is Palestine she is the mother of freedom,

She is Palestine to success she will lead them,

She looks around to the date trees,

In remembrance when life was free,

Next door is a man pouring fresh mint tea,

Another remembrance of when life was free,

But in the midst of all this nostalgia,

A gun shot is herd, the sound so sour,

Three soldiers stand at the top of a tower,

Trying to prevent the blossoming like a flower,

Patient is Palestine motivated by nostalgia,

Weak is the monster drunk on power,

She is Palestine mother of peace,

Play not like a war but be a chess piece,

Tactical and strategic is the nation of nostalgia,

Weak and ruthless is the drunkard on power,

She is Palestine the mother of inspiration,

She is Palestine let the dream be motivation,

She is Palestine,

Palestine is she,

She is Palestine,

For Palestine will be free.