The Salaah!!

why can you watch t.v but can not pray
why can you call me but cant give 4min to salaah
you say that you don't wanna go astray
but yet you act in that way

why don't u face your god face to face
why don't you dedicate your time to him
do you think your time is more precious then him?
god listens to a lot and he is only 1
and you can do so much but
you refuse to do your prayers to the one
then you wonder why life is going wrong
stop thinking life is all about you
you think life is going good but
with out prayers its never as good then it should of been
pray your sallaah people it protects you.
don't let the shaytan collect you
take your soul he wont reject you
he will accept you anything for your soul

Allah is the most kind pray your salah
for the sake of you and him
salah is important! don't listen to him!
dont listen to what the evil has to say in your ear
but listen to the nuur and iman keep praying
insha allah some day u will hear it loud n clear

even if don't feel the need to pray
even if you can not stand it or it feels the same
everyday continue praying .. One day allah
shall make you feel the emotions of the nuur
and happyness flow with in you
Salaah is important you gotta hav it in you



Its really nice and true.
Keep it up sister.

Masha Allah

A great piece of work.Keep it up.But a point of correction:try changing the small g to capital G (God)