Sad times

Lord help me in these hard times sad times got me writing sad rhymes
My pin is bleeding red ink 
shakeing in sadness doesn't wanna write whut I think 
If that's not bad enough 
my paper is crying wet tears cuz times are rough 
It's like happyness is dead 
In this time I tread 
the sky is red an the ground is black
I'm loseing track of time 
It's times like this that I worry
My disteny an vision gettin blurry
Fury in my brain
Boiling blood in my vain 
Thoughts driveing me insane I'm loseing my mind 
When will the clouds rain an the sunshine shine
Tryin to find my way back
2 way back when I was good
An if I could you know I would
Cuz I don't wanna be hells firewood
Shatterd glass in my neighborhood
Skys droping bullets were I stood 
Looking left an right 
Don't see a real brother in sight
Night comes fireworks like drums 
Sounds of guns from the slums
Wise men turn to bums 
It's like we sellin eternity for a secound
Everybody wants to be a legend
Yet can't gurentee himself life till the weekend 
Are harts have bin weekend 
Imprisiond in are own desires 
Gunfires burning tires broken smiles 
Rich turning to vampires 
Man whut'a shame we become
Hitting rock bottom  
Num an dum the mosques is empty
Were to lazy are toungs are filthy
Everybodys busy tryin 2 be wealthy
It's all about that money clean or dirty 
Even if it's bloody it taste sweet as honey 
Man the life we liven is funny
Old lady begin for a penny 
An were sitting on a lexus or a bently 
Evedently time will reverse
It's like being rich is a curse 
Whuts worse they put spinners on a hearse
there trying to look flashy even as a corpse 
If they could put it on a camel or a horse I bet they would 
Gota stop thinking we in Hollywood
Bollywood Whutever wood whutever hood      
Whut happend to the brotherhood
Tell me whuts right tell me whuts wrong 
It's the only way the the ummah can become strong 
How long will the devils play us like ping pong 
Long enough ay
It's sad times whut can I say