The Reality of our Creator

You o’ God we obey,

The only God on earth that still exist today.

O’ to you Allah to whom we all prey,

We bow down to you five times a day.

We go everyday in the mesjid to prey,

We hope it’s accepted cause we all have repented.

Stand up tall bow down to your lord,

Serve the all mighty the way you’ve been told.

Inspiring views from the ground to the sky,

The creation of Allah has kept us all high.

He told it to be,

Here it is can’t you see?

Curse be upon the ones that ignore,

They have gone astray to the hell fire door.

You o’ God we obey,

You gave us the choice to leave or stay.

For sure we are and will be with you,

You could take us away in a second or two.

Turn to Allah and you’ll find your way,

The only God on earth that still exist today.

He created earth, the moon and the sky,

He lets you breath till the moment you die.

Trials in life, tests on it’s way,

It’s coming for you, that’s all I could say.

Seek for guidance before it’s near,

Qiyamah has come in full of fear.

Get you weapons, be prepared,
This is life, don’t be scared.

(weapons=good actions don’t be scared to fight off evil)

Heaven awaits, under the throne of Allah,

There would we seek the most high al-fattah.

He made our eyes for seeing, our souls into being,

Our brain to explore and many many more.

Long live islam and for certain it will,

In the hands of the mighty, Allah al-wakil.

He’s ar-rahman ar-rahim al-aziz o’Allah,

Al-quddus as-selam ar-raqib al-fattah.

Best is islam, be the best you could be,

Strive for al-jannah unlike those who can’t see.

Life long living in the heaven of Allah,

Eternal is heaven, the supreme’s al-jannah.

As we travel along, through your garden of bliss,

For certain we’ll make sure, we have nothing to miss.

Having fun all the time, is this what life is all about?

Just think of where you’ll end and in no time you’ll have a doubt.

Drinking in the club, gambling with the crowd,

Dancing on the dance floor with the music all loud.

Haven’t you heard? This ain’t the place to be,

Many other places, come explore with me.

Use all the knowledge you have gained, and put them all into action,

Leaving out none behind, not a quarter of a fraction.

Once then Allah will come to guide you every step of the way,

And now you’re closer than before till he grants you the pay.

It only takes but one step, till you find him to be true,

Just glance around the open space that revolves around you.

Looking at the sea, the stars in the sky,

Over the horizon, the planets out by.

He created these things, you should really have no doubt,

If you have the common sense, don’t be late to find out.

Things aren’t just, what they seem to the eyes,

They’re full of God’s glory, if we were through with all the lies.

It be better of to say, that most are better than us all,

We’re all busy with the work, instead of answering to the call. ( The call of islam)

What has become of you and me?

Are we all deaf or we just can’t see.

Raise you hands up high, before the forgiver of sins,

For you and I will come to pass, with faults full of basket bins.

It is he the most high, the wise,

The owner of the best nobel prize.

Most gracious everlasting, most kind al-aware,

You and me want to hide, from that place to here and there.

We don't stand a bit of chance, in hiding from Allah,

He's ar-rahman the all knowing, the most high al-fattah.

He's the first and the last, the lord of retribution,

The ultimate possessor, of all things in its' condition.

The best of all designers, exalted is the maker,

The God of all affairs, how great is our creator.

Lets come to stop and think, what you and me had done before,

Was it according to the sunnah, or was it starting up a war.

Tomorrow you migh die, and I'm sure you will regret,

Of all the things you've done and all the things you've spent. (Everyday we're closer to death)

So lets take these good reminders and put them all into action,

Leaving out none behind, not the smallest of distraction.

Today we've been deluded, being bad is now the best

We failed to recognize from allah it is a test.

From good we've taken rest, how far a mile we've gone

we're almost there you know, just till we reach the dawn.

Amazing is this life, life full of those surprises

Amongst those things the we acquire with many shapes and different sizes.

Be thankful to your lord, hear me without a doubt

The blessings of allah you may never come to count.