All prepare for Ramadan, all be ready and well.
Here comes the month of Mercy, a lovely story for me to tell.
Ramadan, it is a guest that comes to visit every year,
To refill the bucket of hope that began to rot with all our fear.
It comes to wash away the debris, left from the past we try to bury.
To make our troubles mendable and keep our future merry.
We wait for It to arrive with a twinkle in our eye.
Ramadan is coming, just in time for sorrow's cry.
We pray and hold our bellies that have not tasted food,
from sun rise to sun set, It really feels quite good!
To feel the hunger that others feel, to remind ourselves we're weak.
To know that deep within our hearts, It's God's mercy that we seek.
And when the sun is setting and you hold fresh dates before you,
You taste the sweetness of Ramadans kiss, with the lesson that it gave you.
And on top of that, the other fact, that fasting is so healthy,
anyone can do it, weather you're poor or you are wealthy.
From the pebble scattered lands of Palestine to the busy streets of New York City...
From the sandy dunes of Morocco to Ireland's emerald fields of green so pretty.
Ramadan it sweeps across every corner of every land and every home.
As prayer is called upon us, we stand alike and not alone,
No color or race exceeds another, no beauty can score more points.
We all bow and bleed the same as we prostrate our soul through out our joints.
And when our face, it meets the dust, upon the ground below all else.
We hear the beat within our chests, and display, worship with our selves.
And with each word of kindness that leaves our lips so dry,
A merciful tear will fall upon to soak, when its goodness that we cry.
And for every smile we send will be an act of charity,
Our eyes will open with new vision, to see life in God's clarity.
Here we are awaiting, Ramadan please don't delay.
We all wish to have you here to shower hope upon us as we pray.
And with you there, we wish to take, the chance to give and need.
To realize our past mistakes, that filled our lives with greed.
And with all the bad we built up tall, since we last had you around.
Will be forgiven with our palms raised high, as again we meet the ground.