Propfits of war

A poem about the ill gains of war. How innocents are dying, and others are making money out of war

I witness bombs being dropped, whole nations erased
innocents caught unawares, no time to think
no farewell to loved one's, no kiss for their kids
no choice, no reason, not allowed to blink
Life seized from them, like it was never theirs
a price paid for others obsession with gain,
with power, with control, no care for their living
no care for their suffering, no care for their pain
What about me, you, and others. Are we not to blame,
for being masters of silence, kings of blindness,
lords of inhumanity, pawns on a chessboard,
being led into destruction by our own highness
Are we really so weak, and so powerless,
or is it time to stand and be fearless
They are so few, and we, so many
yet they control us like lab guineas
Deceiving mere mortals, with relentless propaganda
Masking true intentions, behind closed doors
Gullibility believes them to be prophets of peace,
but all the devil wants, is the profits of war