The Peoples Friends

He breathed in the smoke as he lay in shock
He held tight and firm to the last small rock
He prayed and then stood to assure his pride
Didn't care if he got hurt or died.
He was sick of the torment and the injustice of it all
He walked with a limp but stood sure and tall.
Before him parked a row of tanks
Soldiers in uniform in the lower ranks
He smiled and asked them to kindly leave
But they had no time to let him grieve.
They had just shot his uncle next door.
And he saw his wife laying dead on the floor.
He bit his lip as he begged his Lord
But they were busy so they cut the cord.
They shot through his body like there was no tomorrow
And went to the next house to continue the sorrow.
They raped and stole and killed them all
But none of us did hear their call.
We slept and snored while they were in hell
We stood high while they all fell.
We judge them as the bad, the wrong.
But we were the baddies all along.
Now she is hiding and holding her baby.
Will she survive? oooh! well maybe.
They'll just use her like a toy,
taking turns every soldier boy.
They will take her ring that she holds dear,
Then fill her heart with hate and fear.
Then they'll go back to their comfy dens,
and call themselves ''the peoples friends''.