A Peom Called This Dunya

Its As Though We Look At Life As Though Its A Movie

We Never Look To Akhira, Only Concentrated On This Dunya's Beauty?

Ok You See The Outside Beauty, Have You seen Whats Under?

Have You Witnessed The Lightning And Heard The Thunder?

Have Any Of Those Things Ever Made You Wonder?

No The Only Thing You Wonder, Is If You Can Get Her Number

But Remember The Day Is Soon When The Earth Shall Quake And Shake

And Rumble That The Gigantic Mountains Shall Become Rubble

That Everything You Had In This Dunya Will Be Stripped Away From You

You're Scared? Man, Im Scared For What I've Done Too!!!

We Will All Be Scared And We Will All Be In So Much Fear

Scared To The Point Where Some Will Even Die In Their Own Tears

I Just Hope We All Remember That Day Might Be Near

Allahu A'laam 2011 Might Even Be Our Last year!! So Let Us Make Dua To ALLAH And Say DEAAR MASTER

And The End Is Getting Close

So Ask Yourselves What Is It That We're AFTER?

Is It In The Beauty Of This World?, Or Is It In The Here After???

your poem


mashallah, you're poem is really inspiring and yet so true

@muslimsincebirth JazakAllahu


JazakAllahu khair for the kind words you said about my poems!