Out my brokein heart I hatch

Out my brokin heart I hatch
With a lil note I need to attach
My first patch 
Time to Start from scratch
A new life 
But behind my back is a bloody knife
Don't ask me how I got this damage
Cuz it's a footage of the past 
A picture in the garbage 
A listen learend and a message 
A message to the brothers an sisters held hostage 
Hostage to this feeling I bandage
If you feel it 
Leave it an have the courage
Cuz it's a sick little savage 
that'll ravage your hart an leave it for salvage
Image of your Hart pounding behind your chest till it's about 2 bust 
That's pain from the people it thought it could trust 
Brake free threw the ribs is a must 
Even if it bust Sad little hart just.... wants to breeth
Forget the lust it's better to leave
Leave the feeling that shatan weave
That feeling is forbidding love 2 be precise
An this is just another advice
Free with no price 
Just a slice of my heart cold as ice
Cold is nice so hold the slice
See the blood drip
Heres a tip That's pain
For my freindship 
every drop is like a filmstrip
Flash on flash off let my hart flip
Get'a good handgrip an don't let my hart slip 
Watch the bloody peices on the floor don't trip
Close your eyes see the blackness 
That's forbiddin love plain darkness
Try walking now but be cautious
Cuz the devils here are countless
Hiss wiss wispers this
This is your compass
Now go look for your precious
 but Stay fearless 
Spacious as it might be
notice It's full of hills holes an steepness  
Cuz this darkness will soon be your lonlyness 
The screams in the air are more dangerious
Cuz that's your mind tryina find an answer
For this pain eating your brain like cancer
Poor little monster 
Screaming full of pain hate an anger
Trapt in his own little chamber
This is crazyness the peek of danger  crazy walking in a circul
Talking looking for a mericul 
Dont worry there's a doctor soon your eyes will sparkle 
So wake up 
This foolishness shake up 
Let your heart brake up
An threw the cuts open an wake up
Remember the lord you worship 
Destroy the devils warship
Cuz after every hardship comes ease
Get on your knees 
Bow to the lord of the galaxys  
   now take this medicne quick
Don't wantcha ta get love sick
Just wantcha to notice the devils trick
An his tactic 
The words you heer an see like magic 
The lie you belive will make your stomic sick
An the knife in your back will brake your spine like a stick 
Cuz of one stupit little guy or stupit little chick
So don't panic
Fear allah Leave an don't wait
Cuz tommrow might be a little 2 late
Don't think that I hate 
If u do then that's grate
Cuz everybody told me the same
Stay away forbiddin loves shatans dirty little game
Cuz she's a deceaver an he's a lier day an night
Looking back now Turns out they were right 
Whut a waste of time whut for did I fight 
 but whut go's around comes around
Man I love that sound
It realy makes my cold heart pound
Since when did I become a poet
If you didint know it  
When forbiddin love I decided to throw it
So little brother sister aim for the stars jump on the rockit 
The universe is big make paradise your planet
Plan it like a thief or the greatest bandit 
Stay 24 carat 
Don't let your hart bash
Don't let your toung lash
Don't let your fist smash
Stay clean don't hold no trash
Stay shineing like gold in a stash
Cuz were all bound 2 be ash
Flip the page write from scratch
A new life 
Out my brokin heart I hatch  


MashaAllah :) you have geeeeniously placed a complex fury of emotions and pains into powerful words, bringing out exactly the perfect feelings and change. May Allah make us all hatch anew and become better than we could ever imagine... once we drop the garbage and filth and surrender our desires, our harts and our passions for his pleasure...

[39:53] Say: "O my servants who have transgressed against themselves... Do not despair from the Mercy of Allah; Indeed Allah forgives all the sins: He is The Most-Forgiving, The Most Merciful."

btw, I enjoyed your style of language... but did you intend to use the word "hart" purposely >> as in, (red) male deer? as opposed to heart?
-> very intresting overall, keep it up! You have potential mashallah. With the right intentions you can go far and get hasanaah by doing what you love!

assalaam alikum wrwb.

whut are you talking about ;-)

lol thats whut i get for dropping out of school but jazzak allah khair for correcting me and its like you said i can get hasanat for whut i love doing some people told me to write poems and sell them so i did but i sold them free with no price my reward is from allah alone inshallah thanks again for the comment brother