Introduction: We have two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet but one soul. We came to this world for many purposes, for many tests. And among all the tests, we are here to find our perfect companion to make our lives actually complete and start a new expedition. Two tracks merged into one that can never be separated. And to make the ground not get cracked, we need to be that strong enough…no matter how many earthquakes drive by.

When the glowing sun will shine,
I’ll start my quest to seek my fate
The moment when you will be mine,
You will know why you’re so great

Now, I’ve tried so hard to make you realize
You really don’t have to be afraid,
Of all the things you feel alive
Your soul is as elegant as a pure jade

When time comes we all have to go,
Because life never stays all frozen
And when the night falls upon your door,
I need you to be Notbroken.

When I’m gone, you be strong
I need you to wipe your tears and believe,
No matter how far away, I’m always here with you
As you’re my truth, my fate, my everything...

A time to break...

For everything there is is a reason
A time and even a season...
The sun cannot shine until day breaks...
The plant cannot grow until the ground breaks...
And sometimes
Allah's noor cannot enter us until our hearts break...

Beautiful write...