Never Forget the light of Allah...

I was completely lost in the dark
I had no way out
I had no one there
And thought back
"Did I die".

I was worried
I was wishing that I had hope of seeing the light.

I was astonished
I was scared
I was so lost and confused.

My heart pounded fast then ever before.

I would hear no voices
And thought back,
"Did I die".

Will Allah give me faith in myself to be patient
And so did I,
I set a slow prayer to Allah to give me the light to see.

I was left there wondering
Asking Allah, "Did you accept my prayer",

Then, I remembered ,I asked to be patient
And so did I.

I saw a glimpse of light shining from a corner
Then I realized my prayer was accepted
And all I could think of was Allah.

Then, I remembered that never lose faith
Never forget the light of Allah...

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