My Keeper & Protecting Friend

When you created my soul, I testified and acknowledged You were my Beloved Lord.
With such care and precision You blew my soul into my mother's womb and gave me life.
A dirty and foul smelling lump of clot was I, but despite my appearance, You informed Your Angels how precious I was and to handle my fragility with care.
You commanded the Angels to shape and fashion me and You gave me a beautified appearance.
The darkness of the womb would often frighten me, but You illuminated the void with the presence of Your Guardian Angels, who would play with me to help me forget my woes and fears.
The space in the womb was compact, but through Your Divine Mercy, You gave me the ability to perform sajdah (prostration) without me even trying.
And when You told me it was my time to leave, I was so sad that I entered into the world crying.
The world is now apparent to me, but I am in a state of darkness without Your Light.
YA ALLAH! Please keep watch over me until my return to you...
For you are truly My Keeper & Protecting Friend!