To My Brother

Brother brother i dont understand....
You need helping hand.
You dont see pass this life
you dont see the true colours of
earths finest life

You just live in the struggle wondering why
you accept earths hustles and then you wonder
why life treat you unkind ? You wonder why you have
so many hours to yourself but you still waste your life...
Clock is ticking... And your mentality and iman is slipping

You just wanna chase the paper...
Dont care how you get it(( ruthless))s any one that stands your way
you say rahh mandem lets do this hes gonna get it
your not even on a pious level
your running around like a headless chicken Not dropping it
your so called friends are not stopping it.
Loving how The Money comes in your hands
you don't to sweat at all
you just down and the money falls
Easy come that's what you say and in your mothers eyes
when you look at it you can tell that its easy go..
money wont last forever but the few seconds of joy
is what makes you stick to it. Like a hungry starving tiger
been given food for the first day you can not let it go
you just think of the pleasure. Bad deeds it self look
gorgeous like your some sort of pirate that just found
hidden treasure

all this hate, jealousy, greed, paranoid becomes all normal to you
Linking gash , After gash... Hyping up messing up before you know it
you even getting used to bad luck... Life is tuff.. But your husstle sees you through
the day as you say. Whats decreasing is fear of god, You think you smart. You think you hard
The light becomes the dark. now you face life Instead of thinking you drinking
insted of talking sense u split a zooot

This is your new attitude....

We all went down this road before... Somehow even though its messed up we live this life and dont ask for more.. we dont wonder whats behind deaths door.. But we should
we all live or use to live similar life to this brother... some are bate and some live it undercover.

We gotta aim hard if we dont have something to aim for
we gotta act smart if our brain only thinks small
we gotta fight with ourselves if getting or wanting haraam just gives up and says take me
We gotta shout for help if haraam stuff is right infront of your eyes whiles you asking for advise

(Evil whispers) he saying make me..? Ask me for your help and i will make sure you will feel the highest Like no man can touch you.. Do you think that the devil gives a damm about you ?
He just needs company the hell fire is massive he Is giggling saying come with me!

how do you create a deceived evil hearted cold brother???
when we walk away from the simple life and think we fine by our own
we dont need a guider... ALl this music makes you think i am a rider
i am that soul survivor

But do you know that god is watching you... YOu running to these so called friends
telling your problems yet they dont do shit..? do you know whose still there in the end ?
god? and yet you still continue thinking lifes a bitch...
The only bitch in this life is you.. you made liife how it seems
god has a plan .. Destiny is not in your hands..
follow the goodness in your heart be patient.

You say you dont get what you want.. but do you do what you havE?
Ask forgiveness
Ask god what you need

<3 And maybe youll see better days and your soul wont be in need for something more then what you need.

<3 Maybe prayers is the answer to keep you away and remember you to remain good in certain hours of the day.

<3 Maybe supporting others is the answer to your hunger for more money.. more then you actually need to live on..? maybe salah is the ego booster.. Self-image
confidence and self esteem ?? that you try gain out of linkages and relationship

<3 Maybe Trying to live the islamic way .. an honest pious life
following the sunnah of The messengers life... Is the answer
to your deceitful life...

Maybe that is the missing light switch in your dark life
pray your prayers like it is the last day .. maybe what i say
is actually right.. Allah knows best but what i wrote
today i swear its not life...
for only he can take you to a safer place ... Only he can grant you the after life...
So lets dedicate our prayer and appreciation. And remember him in every situation good or bad. =) allah is the greatest