Mood of My Shadow in Motion/ Mood of My Pair in Motion

The day in motion has past.
The sun's rays have waned.
The bright, blue sky is now an overcast of darkness.
The warmth in the breeze on a serene summer night.
It is hightide on the shores of the ocean.
The crescent moon and its passive glow illuminate the earth into the late night hours.
Peacefully moving in its orbit, phase by phase, the moon revolves around our planet.
The image of my shadow is cast across the pavement.
The scene on the streets is detached from stress.
A relaxed mood amidst a clear and subtle night.
Each star's halo shining majestically.
Each star is evenly and precisely apportioned in deep space.
Each attributing to the night's dazzle of lights.
The passage of the night evolves as dawn slowly measures its way in.
Tomorrow I will glimpse at the aurora as it spreads over the high latitudes of the globe.
The resumption of the day as the sun assumes its mundane responsibility and task.
People recycle their effort and struggle to better their worldly approach;
Making their personal dogma the priority they strive for.
The image of my shadow is cast across the pavement.
The halo of the sun wanes as darkness resurfaces.
The translucency of the day's glare is over-shadowed by the opaqueness of the night.
With the night in motion, the crescent moon has once again dawned.
Its brightness casts man's shadows.
Each shadow measuring the depth of man's dimensions.
Each shadow inclining to all of man's sides.
Each shadow evenly and precisely apportioned to one's own matter and space.
One's shadow is their physical pair when they are alone in their mood.
Only creation can cast a shadow.
Only creation can feature a pair.
Allah has no dimensions we can measure.
Allah has no pair.
Allah is one.