The Modest Man

There was a man who built a house
For himself and his animals, even a mouse
He was so kind to everyone
He treated all like a daughter and son
One day a woman came who was old
Spare me she said I feel cold
Of course he said and took her in
Gave her soup and looked with a grin
“Oh man can you add salt to this soup”
And he went and called his troops
This woman is a guest, serve her well
A queen she is in our cell
The animals served her with all their might
But she still had to complain about something at night
“Oh kind man she is so annoying
She keeps all day and night crying
Give me this give me that we are all fed up
When we bring her a plate she asks for a cup”
The man said “all of you are my friends
And she is my guest until the very end
You have to treat her well and when she leaves
Do as you want as long as you live”
The woman came on with a smile on her face
“Man your kindness left the biggest trace
I am a woman of wealthy riches
On my way I saw hike-hitchers
They stole my money and left me bare
I heard people talk about you with care
I wanted to test you and see if it is true
But the moment you took me in I already knew
I give you respect and anything you want
I’ll give you the best tools if you want to hunt”
“I am ok that we have tea
Once in a while you and me”

This is a story of a modest man
Try to be that man if you can.