Smelling the scent of roses, I tumbled across the land of hope
Searching for wisdom, I crossed the boundary of belief
Gazing at the stars, I lost the touch of tranquility.
Exploring the depth of peace, I destroyed the sense of love
The voice of reason screamed from within me
I shattered its plea and roamed in pursuit of serenity
Time ceased its flight like a bird without wings
I yearned for exaltation with a broken sense of reality
There was no one to soothe me with concern
I submerged myself deeper and deeper in this insanity
Heavy tears dripped on my mutilated heart
I whimpered and howled but nothing removed my vanity
People named me the abhorrent and the vile
I rummaged in unknown dimensions for my equanimity
People impaired my mind and ripped my emotions
I moaned in reply but didn’t stop my pursuit of acuity
I weakened my vigor in search of the true conviction
Waiting for wisdom, I abided in the land of futility
Without any premonition and without any intuition
There came to me the guidance of someone.
Beautiful as though there is no imperfection
Virtuous as though purity is the satisfaction
I thanked God for this splendid guardian angel
I had wandered in search of answers
My Lord Almighty removed my questions
He bestowed on me the majestic direction
And eradicated my imprudence and confusion
He responded to my desire for love and perception
With the assistance of the angel and the Mercy of the Lord
My passion for wisdom became augmented with protection
I voyaged and pursued and aspired and meditated
God is my Savior, my Cherisher, He gave me this satisfaction
My Lord is the most Majestic, The most Compassionate, The most Forgiving
He is the most Bountiful, The most beneficent, The sublime and All-Knowing.
My tongue wobbles as I seek for words to thank Him
My hands quaver as I raise them before Him
My tears flow without suspension as I stand before Him
My heart thumps with fervor as I bow before Him
My body swirls with glee as I devote my day to Him
My mind soars with bliss as I submit my night to Him
My soul swims in ecstasy when I praise Him
My life beseeches for God’s empathy
My existence supplicates for amity with God
My entity implores for proximity with God
I am nothing but a mound of earth
It is God who nourishes and gives me all worth
Indeed I am just a sinful slave
Yearning each day for God’s Grace

Anam Ahmed