the Justice of ALLAH(part3)?

Bismillah,IR-Rahman,IR-Rahim. Ashahadu An Laa illaaha illal llahu
Wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadan Abdu Hu Wa Rasooluhu

''I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah
who is without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the Rasool.''
"O Allah, Shower Your Peace come upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have brought peace to Ibrahim and his family.

Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. O Allah, Shower your blessing upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious". Iam Satisfied with Allâh as My Rabb and Cherisher,Iam Satisfied With Islam as My Din(religion) and Iam satisfied with Muhammad as a Rasulallah (sallallahu alaihi was salam ). (This is the Statement of ALLAH in the Quran) ” Surah 60 - Al Mumtahinah - Ayat - 001 O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as friends (or protectors),- offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you, and have (on the contrary) driven out the Prophet and yourselves (from your homes), (simply) because ye believe in God your Lord! If ye have come out to strive in My Way and to seek My Good Pleasure, (take them not as friends), holding secret converse of love (and friendship) with them: for I know full well all that ye conceal and all that ye reveal. And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path.

Surah 60 - Al Mumtahinah - Ayat - 002 If they were to get the better of you, they would behave to you as enemies, and stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you for evil: and they desire that ye should reject the Truth. I declare that ALLAH's Enemies as His Enemies, and I donot take His Enemies as Friends or protectors. (The Dajjal and his followers are the Enemies of ALLAH). And I also Declare that the Believers are the Friends of ALLAH, and I donot take them as enemies.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Imam Ahmad said: al-Waleed ibn Muslim related to us; that Safwaan ibn ’Amr related to us; that ‘Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Jubayr ibn Nufayr related; from his father, who said:

“When Cyprus was conquered and its people were dispersed and they started weeping to each other, I saw Abud-Dardaa sitting alone and weeping. So I said to him: O Abud-Dardaa! What makes you weep on this day that Allaah has granted strength and honor to Islaam and its people? So he said: Woe be to you O Jubayr! How insignificant the creation becomes to Allaah when they turn away from His command. In front of us is a nation who were evidently powerful and who had dominion, yet they abandoned Allaah’s command, so look what has become of them.”

[2] ‘Alee ibn al-Ja’d said: Shu’bah ibn ‘Amr ibn Murrah informed us; I heard Abul-Bukhtaree say:I was informed by someone, who heard the Prophet (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) saying:

“The people will not perish, until they have no excuse left for themselves.”

[3] Imaam Ahmad reports in his Musnad, from the hadeeth of Umm Salamah, who said: I heard Allaah’s Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) saying:

“When acts of disobedience become widespread in my ummah, then Allaah may send punishment upon them all from Himself” So I said: 0 Allaah’s Messenger! Even if there are righteous people amongst them that day? So he replied: “Indeed!” So I said: How will that be? He replied: “They will be afflicted with what afflicts the people, then they will move on to the forgiveness of Allaah and His good pleasure.” [4] (We are living in a time where Disobedience to ALLAH is widespread in every Nation and among every People, this is the time to Seek protection in ALLAH's Perfect words, from all that He has created, and to seek Protection in ALLAH's Pleasure from His Anger, and to seek protection in ALLAH's Pardon from His Punishment, and seek protectoin in the Nur(light)of ALLAH's Gloryus Face that has illuminated All Darknesses.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
1. The Sure Reality! 2. What is the Sure Reality? 3. And what will make thee realise what the Sure Reality is?
4. The Thamud and the 'Ad People (branded) as false the Stunning Calamity!

5. But the Thamud,- they were destroyed by a terrible Storm of thunder and lightning!

6. And the 'Ad, they were destroyed by a furious Wind, exceedingly violent;

7. He made it rage against them seven nights and eight days in succession: so that thou couldst see the (whole) people lying prostrate in its (path), as they had been roots of hollow palm-trees tumbled down!

8. Then seest thou any of them left surviving?

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
(When there are nations in the World who are evidently powerful and dominion, but yat they turn away from the Commands of ALLAH! they become insignifcant in the Eyes of ALLAH,when there is Nations like the U.S. , Israel,Great British and France staning in Bold Defiant against the Commands of ALLAH, Becuse of Blind arrogance , Blind Ignorance ,disobedience,and injustice,these are the ingredients for their Destruction. there is no excuse for Arrogance, blind or other wise. when a people,and Nations, like these Disbelieving People who have study the working in creation,and they act as if they can do anything in this Life without restriction and they act and think that they are above the Punishment of ALLAH, And they are all redy ignorance and have Become blind and Arrogance,and are persisten in Great Evil,inflicting injustice upon injustice,thoes people,these Nations are asking for the Punishment of ALLAH. ALLAH has Promise and the Promise of ALLAH is the Truth, ALLAH has Promise and the Words of ALLAH is the Truth, ALLAH has Promise and ALLAH is The Truth. O ALLAH! you have promise that you would answers the Du'a (Prayers) of the Oppressed,(O ALLAH we Bag of you to Answer the Du'a (the prayers) of the Oppressed through out the Earth,(through out the world).and O ALLAH! we bag of you to Bring about your Justice and Punishment in it entirety upon these Oppressive people whom have oppressed us for years,O ALLAH bring about your Punishment in the way that only you can.and also upon ever organization whom have sponsor and Paid these oppressors, O ALLAH Count them all where ever they may be in this world.