There’s no way out this jungle,
So play cards right and don’t get a fungal disease,
Or expected to be pleased by others with ease,
Just do your jobs like the bees?
And be a good Abdul Aziz ('Servant of the powerful')
Time is short as you know this life aint no breeze,
Singing songs like Alicia keys, attaining all those degrees,
Thinking you’re rich with all those rupees,
Getting cocky and speaking Japanese,
Listen Abdul Aziz like I said play your cards right,
Follow the light stay on the right track,
Don’t be uptight, the journeys short
This aint no criminal court, or holiday resort,
Your only way to Jannah is through Allah’s court!

Shiraz Zeria (Manchester)


It's beautiful.

Jazakallah :-)

Jazakallah :-)