I'm a terrorist?

I am a terrorist, oh why, didnt you know?
I wear black and I'm muslim, wait plz dont go!
Why do you run from me as if I'm contagious.
My way of life you say is completely outrageous?

I utter the words Allahu akbar.
I defend Islam to the end.
I fear not who you say you are,
and the message of truth I shall send.

I'm a terrorist if terrorist means pride,
Im a terrorist, cuz I aint on your side.
I'm a terrorist, cuz I happen to know,
who did what and who's next to go.

I'm a terrorist, evil and cruel,
I create bombs and islam is my fuel?
I'm a terrorist and I hope that you die?
who told you that cuz, boy that's a lie!

It's turning into ''us and them'',
what is to happen when I'm both us and them,
who hates me then?, well plenty I can say
I still have islam at the end of the day.

Am I to make a choice to decide?,
Islam or the west, which one, which side?
I dont need to justify myself to a hater,
they'll know who I am, sooner or later.

When the west aint impressed,
they take out their list,
'who's next to blow up,
and take our technical fist'

'we've devastated most of the world,
so who else can we kill,
still some work left to do
and some pockets to fill.'

'who are the weakest and who are believers?
who can we label 'the worlds dangerous leaders?'
maybe they can kill eachother through our decievers,
pass on the lies and hand out the cleavers.'

'Its only them, no one will notice the loss,
just get what we need cuz in this world, we are boss!
what we say, is what goes.
Their problem anyway, cuz it's islam that they chose.'

Us and them
us: united states
them:they hate every muslim

that's how it's seen by the tortured out there,
lives filled with hate and total dispair,
who can change their veiw or thought,
when its only death and pain the forces brought.

the news will tell ya in a flash,
what soldier died and in what crash,
the names the dates and every detail,
but to air the other side they fail.

so if there is any sides created,
and if there is any side to be hated,
and if I'm a terrorist to be tied down and silenced,
take me now cuz you know your licensed.

no one thinks about the fact,
that islam is singled out and attacked,
government sit high and fat.
normal people blind of that.

know there's more to ''them'',
the muslims you accuse,
the way of life they choose,
is a way they feel they cannot lose.

understand that through out time,
the religion of peace has only known war.
while the bosses decide every murder and crime,
to invade which land and precisely what for.

so much more to say and share,
but what the point when no one cares?
And who will listen and who will cry,
for how the muslims bleed and die.

using this poem?

asalamu alaikum,
would you mind if we would use this poem in a storytelling course for muslim youth?

jazakallah khair.

This is really a very good

This is really a very good poem.Do not use excess words to express your anger.Read me at

That was very nice. Thanks

That was very nice. Thanks so much for sharing.

thanks guys...

I appreciate you both taking the time to read and comment.