If I Was...

If I was...

If I was a Bird, away I'll fly with two wings
And unify with the rest just soaring the blue sky

If I was a Lioness I'd hunt with skill
I'll challenge you alone until I fulfill
For my cub I'll always protect and kill

If I was a Bee, I'll make sweet honey
I'll sting you first before you can even hurt me

If I was a Dolphin, I'll play, dance and spin
If you drown, I'll help you up on my fin

If I was a Horse, I'll take your guided course
On any battlefield, I'll gallop with inner force
And together the fight we'll endorse!

If I was an Ant, I'll carry double the weight
I'll help build bridges and coordinate an army of little ones so skillfully great!

But I am Me with a mind thats free
Can only do and know much to a certain degree

I'll do my best without much rest,
For I continue this quest where I hope for nothing more than just to be rewarded & blessed! (InshaAllah)

SparkaPoet 01/01/2018