Hoping to be with you one day

Always thinking of you, no matter the time and place
The thought of you brings a soft smile to my face
You're the type to bring me up when I'm low/Keeps me laughing,
even when you call me "slow"
I like our small talks and the clowning we do
Shows the commitment between me and you
No need for the drama and all that, we chill
We argue a little here and there, we real
I can't wait til the day when it's a day for us two
To spend the rest of my life with cause I trust you
This I couldn't say so I just had to spell it out
My actions aren't always perfect, here it's all out
You're all that and even more than what I asked for
The type that reminds me to pray with my head to the floor
I raise my hands and make dua then I pray
Asking for the best, hoping to be with you one day.(InshaAllah)!?