Hajj is a holy place in Islam,
Where muslims have to wear ihraam,
We ask for forgiveness and pray,
To the Almighty Allah night and day,

A muslims aim for hajj is to;
Be closer to our Lord,
And to become a better person in life,
Also it purifies our heart, soul and mind,
And upon you, the special noor shines,

One becomes more patient and secure,
Because they are very pure,
One will gain lots of rewards,
From his Lord,

Hajj is very important,
Its fardh upon every muslim,
To fulfill that prescribed duty of ours,
Its like the most beautiful fragrent flower,
At least we must go once in our life time,
And we'll be free from the unwanted grime,

Our past sins are forgiven,
And the shame in you is hidden,
You go round the kabah seven times,
With tears in your eyes,

Its a journey you can never forget,
It makes your heart pound with love for your deen,
So lets hope, Allah accepts our one and only dream!

By Rafia