a free woman


I feel free and relaxed
I’m free from those
Curious eyes
I’m free from outer world
Nobody will care
What I dress any more
What’s the fashion I follow
And whether
It suits me or not
I’m free from such gossips
Thanks to allah
He guides me rightly

i don’t have to waste my time
the whole day
in front of a mirror
no matter how pretty I look
never being satisfied
soon after my eyes follow
someone elses beauty
I’m free from the inner minds
“I should have worn this way
Or the other way”
Im free from being
I feel more confident
And I will know the people
Who are with me for my beauty
And those who are with me
For all good qualities I possess

I will feel proud
To walk along
Fully covered knowing that
I’m a precious gem
To my beloved ones

I will feel proud with my cloak
To say that I’m a muslim
A chosen one among others
To hide my beauty from
Satanic thoughts,minds and eyes

Now I’m a free woman
Protecting my rights
From those who
Try to over rule me
With forcing me to wear
Their fashions,cosmetics etc etc

More than anything
I feel free to communicate with
My lord, to face the almighty
That I obey his law
With no doubts!


This is such a thoughful write! Thanks for sharing. SW