The Forgotten Legacy

The forgotten legacy

lulled into complacency
that is the tendency
a non-Muslim neighbour who will never see
the beauty of Islam from me

how can that be?
when Islam is the true beauty
the answer is not that easy
all fingers pointed at me

mind you, I am not the Mufti
it is definitely not my responsibility
I don't care what others think
I regard myself as the "KING"

"Missionary Islam" is history
a long forgotten legacy
with the attitude I maintain
true Islam is stained

Dakwah is put on the shelf
by the very same Muslims, that is ourselves
Non-Muslim is disillusion
Is Islam the ultimate destination?

Thus propagating Islam is the mission
following the footsteps of the prophet with vision
Dakwah with wisdom
shows them ALLAH' s mighty kingdom

A non-Muslim dejects- "Why must I follow you?”
”Just because you confess, Islam is true?
- but I see no difference between me and you
attitude and dressing alike I see no Islam in you!"

Sad to say, the words ring some truth
look around you, there's plenty of proof
a Muslim only by name
Islam is nothing but a game

What can I do?
Oh ALLAH, I hope this isn't true
from me to you
I hope to start anew

Dear brothers and sisters, our attitude really matters
Rasulullah (saw) shows us through his manners
promoting Islam with his kind gestures
lets take heed from the true blue Islamic characters

In surah Ali-Imran verse 104, ALLAH SWT says:-

"Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islam)
enjoining Al-Ma'ruf and forbidding Al-Munkar. And it is they who are the successful"

Penned by qalamuddin