Flying from the nest

Looking for a suitable home
And good food for our little ones
Want them to grow up safe
And be healthy and strong

(Collecting twigs and building together
A beautiful little nest
Finding the best worms and berries
Coming up is a big test)

Teaching them what is right and wrong
What will benefit, what will harm
Treating them with love and patience
In peace, in steadiness and calm

(Showing them the creatures
From which they need to stay away
Raising them with loving attention
And letting them have fun and play)

Allowing them to move on when it's time
Hoping our teaching will protect them
Throughout life's test, it's battles
Because mightier than the sword is the pen

(Will our children fall or fly?
Will they pass the test?
Now is the time for our children
To fly from the nest)
Saqib Hussain

Author of "Sweet Bird" and other works, available for free download from

Thank you for sharing this work.

This poem is definitely one of my favourites, of your work. And I appreciated the message: we are all individuals, we must all have the opportunity to be independent. And with our parents' teachings, we must have room to grow for ourselves. We need to be given our own chance, and make our own choices.

Your poem raises an important subject and impressively, a lesson that nature, itself, teaches us.

-Saarah, your sister in Islam.