FBI arrest without cause MARZIEH HASHEMI - A Mountain High Strength

She chose to sit in the driver's seat

Marzieh Hashemi isn't afraid of the smoldering heat

nor is she like the rest that one should try to beat

Like a butterfly in the mountain's wind

she'll pick up speed and bounce to the end

and help those around her confidently amend

Insightful, optimistic, she'll make you think

distracted by her intelligence, you'll feel no need to blink

on a gathering day, she looked beautiful in pink

Safety, cheer, and comfort were well dished out

to more than her own, a Mother for all to draw to and pout

Our unforgettable journey is Marzieh Hashemi, an icon of strength to plead about

By: Najwa Kareem

*The words of this poem were created in memory of a fun-filled day of adventure in Denver with Sr. Marzieh Hashemi who bravely drove some of our friends and me up to the top of Mount Evans, the highest paved mountain in North America in a van that while on our journey didn't operate well. Even though she was very nervous, our friends and me weren't in the least bit able to tell as she was so considerate of us not to show us her angst and did all she could to comfort and encourage us as she manuveured the van, as she steered the wheel of the van ever so carefully and managed to get us back down the mountain safely.

Sr. Marzieh Hashemi is a one of a kind mountain high strength full of life, God's light, peace, compassion, hospitality, intellect, dignity, warmth, and much more. Every person would wish to have a friend like her.

Marzieh Hashemi is a moral and law abiding citizen of America, of Iran, and of the world.


(Please google or check the above on Twitter to learn more and to support she and her family. Thank you.)