End Of Times

Born , Flourish And Bloomed
A Hundred Young Minds Are Illuminated
One Blue, One Peaceful, One Revolutionary
All Searching For Their Reason For Existence
Yet They Are Already Aware Of Their Purpose
Islam The Submission To One And Only RAAB
We Are All Brought Into This World As Muslims
But Some Are Displaced,
That Some Will Yearn For Embrace
Of That Perfect Faith,
Others Take It For Granted For You Will Be
Forgotten Like You Have Forgotten Your Good Fortune
Iman The Candle That Is Lit In Every Heart Every Soul
Ignore It And Evil Will Turn Your Nur Into Darkness Darker
Then Coal, Angels On Both Of Your Shoulders Will Abandon Their Hope For Such A Fool, For They Have Seen Pool Of Fire
You Are Nothing But Shaitans Mere Tool, For His Tool Influences
And You Have Become An Item, For One That Has The Light Of Allah Shining Upon Him, Obtained From His Love For Allah's Word The Quran, The Angels Asking Allah Jannah In His Favor And Earthly Aman,Our Prophet(PBUH) Has Said If They Only Knew What Was On The Other Side For They Would Crawl To The Call Of The Prayer If They Could Not Walk, Life On Earth Is Through And Judgement Day Is Tommorrow, Why Do We Sacrific Our Akirah For The Dunyah That Is Short And Harsh, How Many Young Souls Have You Seen Infront Of Your Eye's Depart, Hell Bound Eternal Suffering? , Allah Has Given You Free Will, Build Your Legacy, Me I Will Build My Iman And Preach To Those Who Are Displaced, Fight The Wars Beside The Mahdi And Pray Next To Prophet Isa On The Victory Prayer After Al Nasr Against Djaal For That Is My Goal Insha'Allah, For Those Who Seek Stardom Those Who Seek LifeStock, You Are At War With Your Clock Because You Cherish This Life With Knowledge Of Where Your Headed, Surrounded By The Sins In Your Book You've Embedded, Look At Your Hadeeths
Do You See The Clear Signs,
For It Is Already Among Us The End Of Times