I’ll come knocking at your door; uninvited.
It will be such a shock that you’ll die in a state.
Everything you had, from family, to the last drops of cents, you’re going to lose.
No point in holding on, you’re money wasn’t on a noose.

The day you die, you’ll have a tearful funeral, but after that you will be forgotten, such as coming to a time when you’re loved ones would say, so-and-so, who was

If you were once famous then forgot it you’ll certainly lose your given name.
The only thing that matters is the deeds you have done,
You’ll face your lord, he wouldn’t want your fame. We’ll go back to where we started; going round in a circle.

We won’t have a second chance; oh you who believe savour what you have, for there is no going back.
We will return to our creature , the lord of the world and
For every soul will have to taste death.