I saw you rideing in your Benz with your freinds
hideing behind the window tents
just blowing smoke with the wind
you still stuck in thug mode
out with your homeboys getting blowed
your hart is getting darker an cold
man leave it alone them days is gettin old
cuz last I saw you your eyes were bloody red
walking like you got the whole world on top of your head
rumores spread that I changed an you said laughing
it's just another phase
sorry bro cuz I was crying for u praying you whould change your wicked ways
an I'm done with them dayz
forget the blunts we blaze
I'm out the devils maze an your still stuck
trying to make a dirty buck
man I wish you nothing but luck an hope you change
cuz my eyes open now an everythings looking strange
but somethings never change
cuz the last thing I heard you were throwing up
an empty bottole in your hand saying live it up
your easy for the devil to control
cuz one day you'll be giving up your soul
falling dowen a darkhole
I swear brah I never wannah see u hurt
an I fear for u when they put u under the dirt
forget the gang take off the bandana an the shirt
revert put on the turbin an be alert
the devil is working hard so be on gaurd
so I hope u get this postcard
an change your mind before you end up in the graveyard
after all it's all good we grew up in the same hood
I understood I know if you were in my shoes then u would
do the same if you could..

Allaahu akbar! what more can

Allaahu akbar! what more can one offer a bro he loves? it almost made me cry...thinking of all the buddies i grew up together with. ALLAAH guide them all, ALLAAH have mercy on them all.


Wow....Mashallah...I....lOVE This Walahi....
It KinDA Reminds Meh Of oNe Of My Buddies...
Walah May God Show Him The Right Path...


Allah yehdeeh wa yehdeenah inshallah we all lose areselfs at some time but we forget who are becuz we forget Allah..inshallah all the youth that went dowen this dark road will return inshallah...and they will be the best in Islam..Like Omar alkhattab an Khalid ibn alwaleed


May Allah guide him to the noor of islam

~Ameera-tul-Jannat--> Aspiring Princess of Paradise~
Journeying on...