The Bearded One (Updated version)

The bearded one,
Wanted by everyone
FBI, CIA and the secret police
for an act of "malice"!

The bearded one,
what have you done?
To deserve this injustice
often they term you as terrorist...(to protect the peace?)

Oh! The bearded one
let your resentment be gone.
As they think you are strange
but certainly not deranged.

The bearded one,
please explain without leaving none.
That your facial hair,
are not to scare or for others to stare!

The bearded one,
They will not leave you alone
They will tease
As and when they please

Oh! The bearded one
Your burden weighing a tonne
Don’t despair but maintain your dignity
As your enemy will not stop till eternity

The bearded one,
- does not sell his religion to anyone!
Never a Muslim in the morning and unbeliever by night*
what more a hypocrite who is difficult to detect by sight.

The bearded one
What exactly do they want?
You will never be available to appease them
Until you make their camp **

Oh! The bearded one,
Please, don't change your tone
As you uphold the sunnah of Rasulullah ***
foremost, just to please Allah.

The bearded one,
what have you won?
For persevering till day seven
a place in the highest heaven!

26 December 1998 (Updated 8 February 2010)

* Abu Hurairah reported that the messenger of Allah said: "Hasten the good works before the advent of tribulations like pieces of dark night. A man will get up a believer in the morning and end the day as an unbeliever, or end his day a believer and get up an unbeliever next morning, selling his religion for a share of this world." (Muslim)

** Abu Sayeed reported that the messenger of Allah said: "You shall follow the practices of those before you, inch by inch and mile by mile, to the degree that if they enter into the hole of a lizard, you will follow them." He was asked: "O messenger of Allah, are they the Jews and Christians?" He replied: "Who else?" (Agreed)

*** Abu Muhammad 'Abdullah bin Amr bin al-'As, radiyallahu 'anhu, reported that the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, said: "None of you (truly) believes until his desire or inclination is in accordance with what I have brought or subservient to what I came with."


beirds/hijabs...forms of identity, pride and courage. a man with a beird, is a beautiful man, because he has pride in his deen, like a women is oh so elegent and beatiful in hijab, for noor lights her pure face...may Allah preserve all the good intentions of our brothers and sisters.ameen
thanks 4 sharing these thoughts.


This is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!
Allah has blessed you with a talent to express yourself in poems. Your poems are very intelectual in my opinion, mashaAllah. My advise to you would be to keep writing and to gather all your works and maybe publish them. I'd make a wonderful read. May Allah reward you with good! Ameen!