Balancing the Imbalance

If I look to you, I see a world of hopelessness
Tragedy and loss in a world of unfairness
If I look to your plight, I ask why
How can a God of Mercy be so harsh
Are you not of His creation, worthy of His bounty

Yet, if I look at me, I see only His Mercy
His Bounty
I feel blessed, gratitude for the magnamity of His Giving
I need nothing more, I want nothing more

How can the world be so double-edged, so imbalanced

Till I realise, that He gave me all to not need
But He gave you, me
For my bounty is not mine, but a trust
To take what I need and to give what I can
For my giving is His Giving and my mercy is His Mercy
And in my actions will be His Justice
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