Allah, my greatest love

My love for you is just so great
So please forgive me, before it's just so late
As you've been there for me from the very start,
You'll always have a special place in my heart.

Ya Allah, help me remember you
Through everything I do
Whether it's big or small
Ya Allah, please help us all

I'll do whatever it takes
I'll try to learn from my mistakes
Ya Allah, you're our protecting friend
So please guide us till the very end.

You, I will always pray
You, the provider of every day.
You are my greatest need and want.
And true happiness, only you can grant.

My love for you will always stay the same
My love will remain an undying flame
You can help everything and everyone
So please help me before my time is done.

Oh Allah guide and forgive me.
And please do the same for the ummati
Ya Allah I promised you this
So please grant us heavenly bliss.

I wanted to show you my appreciation
For the past years and all the great fun
So I wrote this, to show you my gratitude
As for not giving my thanks, I have been very rude.

I'll try to give you my thanks but I sometimes forget
One of the things I'll always regret.
As I'm always overcome with greed.
Asking for a solution for my every need.

But you've helped me choose which paths to take
Helped me pick the good choices to make
You guided me to Islam and brought me closer to my faith
Only you are able to help and keep me safe.