Ordered by the Creator, Wudu to clean and protect.
Ablution of the body and soul to condition and correct.
Hands are washed 5 times a day along with arms and face and head
ears and feet are also cleaned to allow our sins be shed.
And when we've wiped our unhappiness clear,
we feel the mercy of Gods way.
And know that we are only helping ourselves,
when we bow our heads to pray.
This action of sheer glory, this routine of pure delight.
Allows the soul to rest in ease as it sleeps throughout the night.
And when the ignorant insult their own knowledge when the call us filth and dirt,
It really doesn't matter what they think, so long no one else gets hurt.
And when we stand as equals, rows of prayers known as Salah,
Wudu, it keeps us presentable during our meeting with Allah.