Lonely ripples dance from the center,
slowly becoming the past.
They travel further into nothingness,
I sit for hours staring into the movements,
behavior and reactions of this amazing life feeder.
They say it has no taste, no smell...I disagree.
There is a strong taste and smell for me.
The taste of life and survival
And the smell of humility and appreciation.
This life feeder humbles one in a way no other creation can humble.
The energy and source of power we would surely die without,
The elegance of every splash,
The beauty of every bubble,
The image of mercy as it pours,
No art on earth can compare with this flow,
This dance,
This unpredictable traveler.
This Life feeder and silent creation.
Plentiful above and below yet so many are thirsty.


What a beautiful and inspirational piece of artwork. Truly makes us reflect.