Thank YOU Allah ????

Thank you Allah, for giving me more then i deserve and need. I am a ungrateful slave forgive me for my greed.

Thank you Allah for always being there when everyone else will leave. Im never alone i understand this because YAA Allah i believe.

Thank you Allah for blessing us with beautiful fathers and mothers. I am truly blessed with amazing sisters and brothers.

Thank you Allah for picking me to be born for this test. I am internally grateful and i will never forget in this world i am only a guest.

Thank you Allah for giving us the noble Quran, even though we are clueless of its power and leave it on the highest shelf in our Makaan.

Thank you Allah for my hands my legs my nose my mouth my eyes. If i had to thank for only these i would never be able to get up from my knees and rise.

Thank You Allah for this beautiful air i breathe. I fear the day i will not need this air and be 6 foot underneath.

Thank you Allah i will say this for the rest of my life and more. For i understand i can never count YOUR blessings my head should never rise from the floor.

Thank You Allah ????

Loved it!

This is so honest and really good. Well done, May Allah be pleased with you - always.