The story of Nafs, Qalb and Akkal

The story of Nafs, Qalb and Akkal

One day Nafs, Qalb and Akkal went hand in hand for a walk.
They came upon a confectionary stall.
With a beautiful chocolate cake on display.
Nafs was dumbstruck in his tracks, “I must have that chocolate cake” he said passionately.
Qalb added dreamily,” Oh, to own something so beautiful would be wonderful”
Akkal said practically “We don’t have the money to buy it, let’s carry on our way”
Qalb added dramatically,” Oh, to be parted from something so wonderful would be tragic,
but alas,
to steal it would be a crime”
Nafs replied “No, I need that cake, I don’t care where or how, that cake will be mine”
“No!” shouted Akkal, “Let’s earn some money first then buy the cake, that’s the right way”
Nafs replied stubbornly, “I can’t wait that long - I want it now!”
So Nafs and Akkal squared off against each other for a fist fight.
Qalb stood by tormented not knowing which way to turn and when he was about to step in and break up the fight then a passing stranger with glittering eyes stepped in and said, “ Dear fellows, why fight, the bakers back is turned, just take the cake and run , no one will be any the wiser”
“Oh no,” shouted Qalb horrified, “that would be stealing!”
The stranger elbowed Qalb, who fell to the ground. “Why did you do that – I bruise easily, you know” said Qalb
“I know,” grinned the dark stranger and turned to Nafs and said, “I’ll help you by standing in front of the baker so that he doesn’t see just pick up the cake and run!”
What’s going to happen next?
Are Qalb and Akkal strong enough to stop Nafs and the glittery-eyed stranger?
Will Nafs steal the cake and run leaving Qalb and Akkal to take the blame?
Where will the glittery-eyed stranger be?
You decide.

passionate nafs is equal to

passionate nafs is equal to a wild beast if we are brave enough we can control it. however, the glittery eyed stranger will create so many obstacles in our attempt.if we can succeed the nafs we have a dua to chase the glittery eyed stranger.Alhamdullillah Allah will help us.


it's beautiful.i enjoyed your story. we need to be very careful with the glittery eyed stranger. he is the first one to help us to commit evils.


Thanks for the feedback - but I am not quite sure which is more dangerous...the scrumptious chocolate cake,the passionate Nafs or the glittery-eyed stranger. Rgds H


Haha i think the glittery eyed stranger, as he could lead us straight to hell, as for nafs we could learn to control him and the chocolate cake? Well..couldn't we eat some fruit instead?? It is healthier.

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