Longevity, by Muslimhero.

I find the world, big,
Yet so small,
Through one angle, sweep,
But thats not all.

I find periodic paths, fade,
Our way of living dies,
But un-discovered paths, laid,
Like where a dense forest lies.

I find segmented stratums, lay,
Of a society yielding class,
I see vendettas, sway,
For what shall come to pass.

I find rush and everyone, dives,
More clatter and more jingle,
Though my forefathers simple, lives,
Has less or no mingle.

I find people in a frenzy, desprate,
To suit a fashion model size,
Whereas reality is neither, accurate,
Nor is it the realm we fantasize.

I find gods held, Supreme,
One differing from the other,
When there should be only One, Al-kareem,
No father nor mother.

I find hope is but, a mirage,
So the sense justifies,
A light in such, outrage,
When life was such it crucifies.

I find things unexplanable, slump,
Into pictures into rhymes,
I think I have outlived, I jump,
Far ahead of my time.

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